2nd edition

Jun 12 2014

Geek Night is a regular event to promote the sharing of technical knowledge and increase collaboration among the geeks in the National Capital Region (Delhi). It is organized by a passionate group of programmers and sponsored by Thoughtworks.

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Geek Night Volunteers


4:00 pm

Welcome Note

4:15 pm

NoOps to DevOps

Agile practices are increasingly being adopted by both businesses and their IT operations. More and more businesses realize the benefits of faster build and deploy cycles, and are placing greater demands on improved quality, reliability, security, and overall efficiency. DevOps is one such response that is driven largely by a desire to eliminate the divide between development and operation teams. Join us as we take you through our journey into the realm of DevOps.

By: Arnav Kumar & Renu Ahlawat

4:45 pm

CD Delivered: Experience report of using Continuous Delivery in HCAH project:

HCAH team have been deploying to production any time in the day and any day in the week. HCAH have been deployed over 50 times in 1 year and everyone in team deployed to production. We will share how we achieved our single click deployment and applied CD without worrying about release dates. We will also discuss how setting correct CD/DevOps practices at the beginning of projects benefit overall delivery.

By: Rajan Kumar

5:45 pm


6:00 pm

Linux Containers: 101

Containers are all over the place these days. From being shipped to production to being docked in the cloud. So what is all this hype about Containers? Why are they so popular? How are they different from Virtual Machines? When and where can we use them? I am going to answer all these questions, followed by a hands-on session, where we’ll create containers for ourselves.

By: Vini Gupta

Resources: Linux Containers

7:00 pm

Ex tempore

Open floor discussion, short talks, etc.

7:30 pm

Networking & Dinner

(served at our premises)

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