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"Big Data Rainbow"

The 'BIG DATA RAINBOW' introduces participants to the world of Big Data!
The first half covers the landscape of Apache Hadoop: MapReduce, Yarn, Sqoop, Hive and Oozie, concepts of Hadoop Distributed File System(HDFS) and introduction to functional programming with Scala for Hadoop based applications.
The second half covers introduction to Apache Spark, concepts of Resilient Distributed Datasets (RDD) and DataFrames in Spark and hands on workshop of testing Apache Spark based application using ScalaTest.
vodQA is a preferred platform for the QA community pan India. We invite you to join us for a day full of exciting talks and hands on workshop.


  9:30 AM


  10:00 AM

Keynote & Introduction

  10:30 AM

What is Big Data

How big is big and why does big matter and what does Hadoop have to do with it?

  11:15 AM

Distributed Storage

Play with large data sets and see Hadoop’s method of distributed storage: Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).

  11:45 AM

Introduction to Functional Programming

Scala, short for scalable language, is future ready, but are you? Move beyond your regular java, and check out what is brewing in this language.

  1:15 PM


  2:15 PM

Hadoop Landscape

Like Hobbes is to Calvin, Hadoop is to Big Data. Come on this journey to play with large data sets and see Hadoop’s method of distributed processing with:
1. MapReduce and Yarn: String together your understanding of Yet Another Resource Negotiator (YARN) by gaining exposure to MapReduce, the tool-sets that start the processing of Big Data.
2. Moving Data into Hadoop: Open the door to move data into Hadoop to get the program working for you. This course’s emphasis on Sqoop.
3. Accessing Hadoop Data using Hive: This topic sets the stage for how to query and analyze data using Apache Hive.
4. Workflow Management: This topic covers workflow scheduler system to manage Apache Hadoop jobs using Oozie

  3:00 PM

Introduction to Apache Spark along with hands on workshop for testing Spark based applications using ScalaTest

Ignite your interest in Spark with an introduction to the core concepts that make this general processor an essential tool set for working with Big Data. Hands on workshop for testing travel ecommerce website logs using ScalaTest.

  5:00 PM

Tea and Networking


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